We at Pioneer Environmental & Engineering value our client’s time and resources.  We will do everything possible to make your engineering and construction project(s) a success in terms of safety, cost, schedule, design, and quality.  This allows our clients to focus on their core business and trust their best interests are being handled by experienced professionals.

If you have a need for design and/or construction services, think Pioneer Environmental & Engineering.  No job is too big or too small.  We are able to tailor a proposal to meet your specific job requirements.

If you are in need of only design, estimating, scheduling, value engineering, or some other aspect within the lifecycle of a project, we are here to work with you.

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About Us

Pioneer Environmental & Engineering, LLC was established in 2017 to provide owners with environmental and engineering services.  In late 2018, Pioneer added construction services to their service offerings for various types of commercial and industrial projects.

Pioneer has over thirty years in the engineering and construction industry and has performed many different types of projects for a diversified client base.  Pioneer has led design services for the solid waste industry to include landfills, transfer stations, recycling centers, and leachate management systems. We not only have the project and construction management experience, but also have performed many of the field trades and understand what is necessary to initiate and complete a project.

As owner’s engineer, general contractor, or owner’s representative, Pioneer provides full project lifecycle services that delivers the final project. This enables the owner to focus on their core competency and places the project in the hands of experienced professionals.

Meet our Leadership Team


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Our Services

Pioneer Environmental & Engineering has a history of saving our client’s money through all phases of the project.  The savings begins at the design stage where we apply lessons learned into our designs. We also conduct value engineering by working with the design engineers to reduce expensive construction techniques and material types.  While the design is in the concept stage, we generate rough order of magnitude schedules and cost estimates to determine if the project is financially feasible.  This allows the owner and financial institutions to perform the necessary proforma analysis to determine the feasibility of the project.  After the project has been funded, we provide engineering and construction services through each stage of the project.

Once the design has been completed, we separate the design into the various delivery elements and generate a bidder’s list for each delivery item segment.  We perform supply chain management through the entire project by generating bid packages, selecting contractors to negotiate final pricing and terms, and contracting various scope elements.  Once the project field activities begin, Pioneer can oversee the project by performing such functions as project/construction management, design drawing conflict resolution, manage invoices and change orders, manage project schedule and schedule conflicts, and assist the owner with project transition from subcontractors to owner.

Pioneer has a history of performing projects on time and budget.  During project execution, we can generate and maintain the project schedule and budget.  Through daily inspections the project schedule and budget are updated weekly to facilitate strict adherence to the contract documents.   When conditions create a variance to either schedule and/or budget, we work with the subcontractors to remedy the problem before severe economic conditions occur.   At each stage of the project, we keep the owner informed.  We do not waste the owner’s time with frivolous details.  We focus on educating the owner on the situation, which allows the owner to make intelligent business decisions in a timely manner.

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